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16 Jun: Data & Risk

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The global race to collect and use more data, while fuelling the digital economy, is also challenging organisations’ current risk management frameworks. Today, data is both a risk in itself, and a cause of current business risks. To mitigate the ethical, regulatory and societal risks that accompany the collection, sharing, augmentation, and movement of data, organisations need to integrate their data governance with their risk management.

20 Apr: Balancing Innovation and Ethics Across the Analytics Lifecycle

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The increased use of advanced data analytics techniques in organisations looking to innovate and gain a competitive advantage brings an increased risk of unintended negative impacts on people.

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11 Jan: The Ethical Risks of Automation

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As organisations increasingly look for efficiency gains through the use of automation, the ethical risks of automating complex decision making that requires human judgment and oversight are coming into sharper focus.

07 Jan: Retention Retrieval and Disposal Schedules

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Are your RR&D schedules up to date? Consumers are demanding increased transparency around how organisations collect, use and share their data and also how they dispose of it. Legislation around data management is changing and organisations need to ensure their data and asset retention, retrieval and disposal schedules are up-to-date, consistent and compliant with national and jurisdictional demands.

07 Jan: Retention Retrieval and Disposal

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How much do you know about your organisation’s RR&D? With the exponential growth in data collection, use and sharing, organisations have unprecedented amounts of data. Leaders need to understand their organisation’s obligations on how long to retain data, whether the data can be recalled, and how and when it should be disposed by. Retaining data longer than is necessary is costly and inefficient.

15 Dec: Data Minimisation

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While organisations understand the power of data, its ubiquitous collection and use comes with increased regulatory and legal constraints and changing customer expectations. In a 2020 survey, the Australia Information Privacy Commission noted that “Australians have strong views about being asked for information that doesn’t seem relevant or having information about the websites they visit recorded without their knowledge.”

Smart organisations need to abandon a “save all,” approach and embrace data minimisation principles and practices.