The Data Institute is a leading association for data-centric organisations and their data professionals in Australia.

We represent members of all sizes including some of the biggest data aggregators, users, and innovators in Australia. Our members include creators, users, advisors, researchers, regulators, and government across all industries.

All members are expected to have some experience in the field/s of data governance, automated decisioning and ethical conduct but at TDI, we appreciate all levels of experience as we value collaboration, innovation and integrity.

Through our events, resources, and advocacy, we provide our members with the tools and knowledge to drive strong, accountable performance in their organisations and roles.

Our Values
Our Values

Our core values are in our name: 

T is for Trust 

D is for Data, especially data governance

I is for Integrity & Innovation in Automated Decisioning or AI

  • We are nimble, responsive, collaborative and fair;
  • We strive to be innovative but never at the expense of being ethical; and
  • We use practical ways of helping each other be better data users and leaders.
Our Board
Our Board
Michelle Pinheiro

Head of Enterprise Data Governance at ANZ Bank

Steve Millward

Chief Analytics Officer at Data Republic

Ben Ashton

Senior Executive in Media, Entertainment and Events