2020 November


19 Nov: Data Ethics

TDI Infographic​

At the heart of TDI’s purpose is generation of content and collaboration on data ethics.  Data ethics feel like an enigma that is associated with deep knowledge of how to wrestle artificial intelligence systems, however the foundations of data ethics reside with the corporate culture. TDI will be exploring how member organisations should be approaching data ethics, by referencing their corporate values and existing artifacts of corporate governance in our multi part Infographic series under the Data Ethics theme.


19 Nov: Corinium Interview with Michelle Pinheiro

Corinium Interview with Michelle Pinheiro​​

Could you comfortably explain to your customers how you use the data you collect about them? Do you know if you are using your data in alignment with your organisation’s ethical business practices?

Listen to Michelle Pinheiro, ANZ Head of Group Data Governance, discuss how organisations should be approaching the issue of ethical use of data. Michelle advises that data ethics ought to be an extension an organisation’s ethical code of conduct and values. Referencing the example of organisations repurposing individuals’ locational data for other purposes, Michelle discusses the importance of transparency, consent and the difference between primary and secondary use.


18 Nov: Consent

TDI Infographic​

The world of marketing consent is evolving across the globe.  Under our statutory Privacy requirements, Australia continues to operate under an Opt Out Consent model, which means that it is acceptable to market to a consumer, provided that you are transparent in providing them with the ability to unsubscribe.  However, in other parts of the globe, the model in Opt In, which means that you must obtain explicit affirmative consent before you can directly market to them.  How would your organisation be impacted if Australia changed from an Opt Out to an Opt In model?


17 Nov: Privacy of Employee Data during COVID-19

TDI Infographic​

When you ask a general insurer, why do you need accurate personal information about your customers, the most compelling answer is, “When the fire is coming over the ridge, we need to know how to reach them to help.” The recent global pandemic has helped all organisation to formulate an equivalent justification for their employee contact data, “When the workforce is suddenly dispersed, we need to know how to reach them remotely.”